Go Create

All backgrounds in the Mrs Blossom and Sniffy book have been created by using a variety of crayon rubbings taken in and around my house and garden.

Every illustration is a collage made up of the crayon rubbings; along with a series of cut out pen and ink drawings (which have been filled in with coloured pencil and/or crayon).

Why not make your own Mrs Blossom and Sniffy collages by creating some background rubbings yourself? Once you have a collection of rubbings; print off, colour in and cut out some of my print-ready templates below to make your own pictures.

Or if you just fancy colouring in a Mrs Blossom and Sniffy picture, then print off one of the monochrome templates below.

Good luck! Rachel Sherfield

Cut Outs

cut out 1

cut out 2

cut out 3

cut out 4

cut out 5

Colour Collage

collage 1

collage 2